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PD985 DMR-Handheld Radio, UHF, 40 bit encryption (ARC4) according DMRA, 128/256 bit optional

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  • AR482574
  • PD985 UHF


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- Basic functions Full keypad o Color display - Text messages o Pre-programmed text messages -... more
- Basic functions Full keypad o Color display
- Text messages o Pre-programmed text messages
- Cell re-selection (roaming)
- Scan
- Channel announcement
- Bluetooth® 4.0 (audio) (optional)
- Bluetooth® 4.0 (data)* (optional)
- Integrated GPS (optional)
- Option board for self-developed extra functions (optional)

With new software (R9.0): As a result of legal patent litigations, the functions ''Squelch off'' and ''Noise Cancellation'' were removed for analog operation. For digital operation, the TDMA direct mode was removed. With the Hytera patented Pseudo Trunking two parallel calls in direct mode are still possible.

The PD985 is Hytera's high-end DMR radio that boasts a multitude of new features in addition to its various different functions. This includes, for example, Bluetooth 4.0 for transmitting audio and data, a micro SD card slot for saving communications and the new single-frequency repeater function.

The PD985 also offers improved rejection of ambient noise, high IP68 certification and an improved battery system, thus providing the perfect foundations for optimizing your radio communications.

MicroSD card

The PD985 has a MicroSD card slot, which can be used to save both radio communications and local audio signals from the surroundings. The card slot is located safetly in battery compartment behind the battery.

The data dsved is handled using the DMR Recording Manager.

MicroSD cards with a storage capacity of up to 32 gigabytes can be used, onto which up to 576 hours of voice communication can be recorded.

Single-frequency repeater (SFR)

In repeater mode (SFR), the PD985 efficiently increases the range of other radios. The SFR enabled radio receives services on one slot and forwards them on the other.

SFR enables the range of a direct link between conventional DMR devices to be extended without having to use a base station or a repeater. This gives users in the field greater freedom of movement.

Bluetooth® 4.0

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth® 4.0, the PD985 is ready for wireless audio accessories. It also supports simple data exchange and easy programming via Bluetooth®.

The Bluetooth® Audio Switch allows you to switch between the handset in the Bluetooth set and the loudspeaker in the radio at the touch of a button.

Full-duplex calls in telephone networks

With the PD985, full-duplex calls to other PD985 radios, landlines and mobile phones are possible during which both parties can talk and listen at the same time.

Real-time clock

The integrated real-time clock makes it possible for the users to check the exact time messages and calls were received.

Smart battery function

The PD985 supports the new smart battery function, making the device easier to use and increasing its battery service life. Thanks to the intelligent charger, the condition of the battery, such as its state of charge, battery life and remaining charging time, can be monitored and controlled. The smart battery function also considerably reduces the amount of time the battery takes to charge.

Degree of protection IP68

The protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 safeguards the radio also in harsh ambient conditions and equips the PD985 for every use.

Higher sensitivity and frequency stability

Compared to the PD785, the PD985 has significantly improved performance. Its further developed technology increases both the range and the reliability.

Improved voice quality

The speaker with a power rating of 3 watts and a new method for rejecting ambient noise ensures crystal-clear voice communication.

Over-the-air encryption

The over-the-air encryption function encrypts the signaling on the air interface. All subscribers need the relevant access rights to take part in the radio communication. This means that call setup is encrypted, the system is protected against unauthorized access and connection data cannot be tapped.

Scope of delivery:
- PD985 DMR handheld radio
- Antenna
- Lithium-ion battery
- Hand strap
- Belt clip
- Charger
- Power supply
- Manual
Frequenzband: UHF 403-520 MHz
Tastatur: Volltastatur
GPS: Nein
Betriebsart: digital und analog, Senden und Empfangen
Display: Ja
IP Zertifizierung: IP68
Antennenbuchse: SMA
WLAN: Nein
Bluetooth 4.0: Nein
5 Ton Folge: Ja
Kanalabstand: 12,5 kHz, 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz, 20,0 kHz, 25,0 kHz
programmierbare Tasten: Notruftaste
Kanäle: 1024
Kategorie: Handfunkgerät
Technologie: Betriebsfunk