Disposal of used batteries

Used batteries should not be disposed of together with common household waste. Therefor we will withdraw used batteries free of charge. Just come and visit our shop in Saarbrücken or return them to our shipping store. You are legally bound to return used batteries. Batteries containing noxious substances are labelled appropriately to specify the identity of the harmful substance.

“Cd” indicates Cadmium
“Hg” indicates Mercury
“Pb” indicates Lead

Check the website of our provider GRS for a list of additional collection points

Disposal of electrical devices

Radios, mobiles and other electrical devices are not meant to be disposed together with common household waste. They require proper disposal and are labelled accordingly. Those devices may contain substances that put other people as well as your environment at risk. Please take these items to certain collection points that are specialized in recycling appropriate devices.

Alternatively you may print a shipping label at “link” and hand the items over at any post station. This service is free of charge.


We solely sell wares that fulfil all requirements according to the packaging ordinance. Our suppliers fulfil their reporting obligation to the Umweltbundesamt. All secondary packaging is licenced. We are reusing our packaging whenever it is possible.